Tuesday, October 15, 2013


           Today, let's take a smallish break from the song challenge. I'm already a song or two behind. Why not one more? :P

            How about some snippets? Since I've actually been writing. These are all from the Oddball story in his POV.


         "On the left-"
         "Which side is that?!"



           The jungle man pointed at them and shouted.
           "See- I don't know what that means, freaky man!" Rocky said.

            Jungle man nodded and his many warriors appeared again. Just great. Time to make a plan B.
            Running wasn't an option.

Rocky held his hands up. "We didn't do anything. Is it illegal to walk around here?"
           Oddball elbowed him. "Shut up."
           Jungle man and the girl spoke some more.
           "What are they saying?" Rocky said.
           "I don't know. But let's hope she's apologizing for you disturbing the peace."
           "What was I doing?"
           "Hey, nobody's going to apologize for my singing. It needs no-"
           "I will." Oddball waved to the girl and Jungle man. "Hey, Jungle man, my friend here-"
         Rocky whacked his hand out of the air. "What? Are you trying to make it worse?"
          "No. Better."
           The girl looked at them. "What's happening here?"
           "Look what you did, Rocky," Oddball shook his head. "All your singing, if that's what you want to call it."
          "Hey now-"
         "Ay-oh!" the girl said. "You're kinda surrounded by angry warriors, all with their arrows trained on you. What do you have to say for yourself?"
We're used to stressful situations. But he didn't say it, even though it was really tempting.

           The girl shrugged.  "The Daroon tribe is always looking for someone to pillage and behead. Nothing to worry about."

          "Um, we're a little lost," Rocky didn't give the snake head a second glance. "Would you mind taking us to the nearest-"
         "Road," Oddball said.
          "- village." Rocky looked at him.
         "No problem." Peril wiped her sword clean on the ground.
         "Preferably a friendly village," Oddball said.
         "Yeah, like not the Daroon's village," Rocky said.


  1. I love those two so much! I want your book, now. Every time I read snippets I want a huge book filled with these characters. They are SO much fun!

    In answer to your comment,
    I agree with you, Columbo is wonderful. I never get tired of watching the show.

    1. Thank you so much! You have no idea how happy that makes me. :) Oddball and Rocky together at their best is so fun to write. And now that Peril's in the mix, I'm excited to see how it's going to go.


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