Monday, October 7, 2013


           So I took the challenge to post a song once a day for thirty days. Heh, and I fall out of it on the second day. The second day.

           I feel like a terrible person.

           Sort of.

           I'll just have some catching up to do is all. . . Just pretend you're reading this two days ago. We are writers and readers here, right? We have imaginations.

           Day 2- your least favorite song 

           That's so easy to narrow down. I mean there's only one song in all the world that I absolutely don't like.

           Okay, I'll choose one, but I'm not going to post it. Why would I want to post one of my least favorite songs?

           Love in America by JTX. Eck, the lyrics. You can look them up if you want. But it makes me sad and almost sick to know that's what some people think love is. It's how they live their lives, and they think it's okay. And the lyrics are inviting kids to do it. When they say 'kids,' they might just mean young people in general, not like kids kids. But still. . . That's the part that makes me sick. And then the song wants to define America that way? No thank you.

           Now you are reading this yesterday. (Don't you love time travel?)

           Day 3- a song that makes you happy

           This challenge just isn't big on easy decisions. I actually seem to like a lot of bittersweet songs. But today *cough* we'll take the definition of 'happy' for what it really means.

           Most anything by Toby Mac will make me happy.

           Now it is today, as in October 7th, 2013.

           Day 4- a song that makes you sad

           Hm, I have to think about this one.  

This song makes me sad. Because it makes me think of child who should be innocent and trusting, but things that should never happen to anyone, especially someone so young, has happened to him and now he's scared and has shut the world out because of all the hurt it's let in. And that makes me sad. And think of stories, and. . .

Now that I think of it, this song makes me think of the main character from one of Cait's fantasy books. She blogs at The Notebook Sisters, and everywhere else. You should ask her about Milo. She'd love to tell you. :)

By the way this song is by Joel and Luke, before they were for King & Country. Pretty cool, hm? :)



  1. :) I would totally do this if youtube wasn't blocked. lol

    1. You should do it when you come home for the summer. :)


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