Friday, October 25, 2013

Day, um, perhaps I've lost track

           A guilty pleasure.
           One of those? What? I don't have any. . . Yeah, I have a lot of those. Sometimes it's just because most people would give me a jerk of the head and weird look because they wouldn't expect me to like a song. Not because of the lyrics. Just the genre of the song. It's loud and, as I've heard some people say, 'rocky.' "Rocky" is such a strange way to describe a song. Or the song isn't technically Christian. It's not a bad song; it just doesn't talk about God. It talks about life.

            Anyhow here's one. The link to Hey, Hey, Hello by Joel and Luke before they were for King & Country.

           I love the music. The percussion. The violins. Who couldn't love it?

Hey, hey, hello 
I'm singing a pop song
About you, Oh, oh, no
Hey, Hey, hello
You're not going to hear itYou're too good for a radio

           So maybe people wouldn't expect me to like it because of the lyrics also. I don't know. There's something about the saucy, I-really-don't-care attitude it has. It's fun. And somehow funny. Yeah, I have a weird sense of humor. But the stories it makes me think of. I love songs I could create a story out of. Have I said that before?

Yeah, you'd love this song
If there was nobody
Who ever heard it


  1. I think I've heard this song before. Maybe at work.

    1. Really!! It would make my day if I heard this play on the radio.


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