Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A song that reminds you of somewhere

A fictional place?

While looking for the songs I wanted for yesterday's post I ran into this:

Dark Horses by Switchfoot.
For awhile have had this weird idea for a book, that growth-spurted into a series. Of course. I won't go into detail. But it begins in California. For some years it's fault line has collapsed and separated it from the rest of North America. All the world has become very dark and disorderly, California not excluded.

The main character plays in a rock band. I was having trouble with the band name. Dark. . . something. I decided to settle for Dark Agents if I couldn't find anything better.

Then I hear this song. Ah! It makes me think of the whole world of that book, even as it evolves over the series (it spans over a long period of time). The mood of the song, the lyrics, everything. It characterized the whole series.

Now I am considering naming the band Dark Horses, and the band looks up to Switchfoot (who is from California).

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