Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A song that makes you think of someone

Someone? As in a character? :D

First off, for the fun of it. This is Hulk's song. Monster by Skillet.

Okay, okay. This is one of Oddball's. This is Home by Switchfoot.

This is Peril's song (Lucky Peril, if you prefer). Crave by for King & Country.

She's looking for some hope and always barely hanging on. But Sane by for King and Country makes me think of her even more. It also makes me think of Rayne and another nameless character both from a different book yet to be written.

This is Rocky's song. Reckless by Jeremy Camp.

It is so very him. He appears so bold and reckless, but sometimes he has to find courage too. The chorus of this song is him too. Open Wounds by Skillet. Not the verses so much. But the chorus is very much like him and his older brother.

Skyler's song is the one I posted last time. Joel and Luke's Broken Lullabies. It is so much like her. Broken and meek hardly hoping for a better day. But there's two other songs too.

Light It Up by for King & Country, and Pushing on a Pull Door also by fK&C. I think I've found her favorite band. . . if she could have one. Rocky would probably sing Light It Up to her.

So Oddball has another song. Stars by Switchfoot.

Restless by Switchfoot.

It seems Oddball's favorite band would be Switchfoot. Yeah, definitely. Bittersweet, thought-provoking rock. Of course, he would like that.

I learned something new about my characters today.


  1. This is Home! I love that song.
    I didn't know you were doing the song challenege too. It is cool you're using your characters 8-D

    1. I've been listening to Switchfoot recently and when I heard it. It just screamed Oddball. The Stars more so though.

      I thought it would be fun to do ones for the characters. I know some people find like theme songs for their characters.


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