Friday, October 11, 2013

A song, a certain event, and ranting in support of fiction

Yes, yes. A day late. Forgive me. But I do have something important to say of fiction also.

Day 6: a song that makes you think of a certain event.

Scream by Thousand Foot Krutch

You know that story I talked about yesterday? Around the end of the series, one of the protagonists, Rayne, she comes to her breaking point.

When I heard this song, it almost created the scene when she first starts to fall apart. And if you know Rayne, she doesn't fall apart. Then as the story and plot morphed in my brain, it diverted from the original setting. But the lyrics of the song a still pretty true, if not more accurate now, to how she feels.

I love climaxes! Sorry just had to throw that in there.

To speak of things more writerly:

Yesterday in class, one of my fellow college classmates said that she had an English essay due. The essay about The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games, people! That's, like, the coolest essay in the world. I wish I got to write an essay on The Hunger Games for my grade.

But then- do you know what my music instructor said?

"Okay. I would think that you would be writing about books with more important and philosophical topics than The Hunger Games. After all, this is college."

Can you believe that? I just sat there in the back of class with this bad smile on my face thinking, "Oh, if you knew who you were talking to. You'd better be glad I'm reserved introvert or I'd be telling you everything going through my head and then I'd storm out the door."

But I'm a reserved introvert, and did none of the above. Lucky for everyone around. We wouldn't be having Ear Training class that morning. We would've had let-Ashley-enlighten-you-to-the-great-truths-fiction-holds class.

Fiction, even The Hunger Games, has profound and thought-provoking topics in it. The Hunger Games deals with so many huge ideas. In some ways, the Capitol can be seen as a modern Roman Colossus (forgive me if I've spelled it wrong) and the times of the gladiators. People watched other people kill each other for the fun of it. They were addicted to watching people slaughter each other in some very inhumane ways. And they thought it was okay?  How low does a society have to fall in order to think like that?

What about the government of Panem? Panem would've been much different if it had a different type of government. President Snow's government was very socialistic, very controlling. Socialism is going on in the world today. Right now.

It also talks about the power of hope. Though that's a little more obvious since it's one of the main themes. I could go on, but I've been wanting to do a couple discussions on The Hunger Games when I reread the series.

Sometimes fiction displays the truth with more honesty than reality does. Often times, the truth is hard to face and is offensive. In the real world we hold it back. But fiction gives it free rein.

What do you think?

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