Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Let's talk about. . .

           Well, I've no idea. Obviously I had been reading a lot. But I think I'm kind of in a book slump now. There are books I need to read. Because they have to go back to the library. There are books I should read before September 22nd (points to anyone who knows what I mean :). And there are books I want to read but I just can't get into them for some reason. Oh, yeah, and time. I don't have a lot of that either.

           So I think, "Well, just take a break from books. Just write. After all, your writing has suffered from the excessive reading. Catch up on that."

           And then I tell myself, "Great idea. Why didn't I think of that?"

           I sit down to write and. . . and. . .


           Nothing. I know what needs to happen in the story. But it doesn't want to happen. It doesn't want to come out of my brain and into the pencil and down on the paper. The story doesn't like me right now. It's locked itself away where it won't let me at it.

           It's in a mood. I can understand. I get into those. But if I want to finish this first draft before next March, then the story just needs to get over its mood and come out already!

           I'm thinking about writing the rest on the computer maybe. Usually I like paper and pencil for my first drafts. It's easier for me for some reason. But maybe if I just open up a blank document and give myself to make a giangactimacus mess of it in order to get this story out as fast as possible, maybe it'll work. And for once I'll actually reach my writing goal and finish the first draft of the first book of Oddball. (Why did you have to turn into a trilogy? Do you know how much work that is?) After all, they aren't called 'rough' drafts because they come out all pretty and perfect.

           So what do you want to talk about?


  1. Ack..writer's slump?? Totally sucks! >_< I know how that feels. I find writing through slumps usually helps me, but that's totally easier said then done, right?! Gaaaah. Not fair. I definitely think we as writers should give ourselves room to be uninspired. Maybe the creative tank needs refilling? :)

    1. No inspiration seems to be going around. . . That's okay. I guess there are times, when we must get tough and do without inspiration. But I think you're right, the creative tank is running on empty.


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