Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Leaps and Pauses

          So I did open up a blank document to dump the remaining rabble of scenes left in Oddball. Last week on the first day, I wrote over 1800 words. And I felt pretty good about that. Considering that I was in somewhat of a writing slump.

           It was kind of nice to actually know how much I had written. When I write on paper sometimes I use regular printing paper with no lines. That way my writing has no limits whatsoever. There are times when I can fill twenty pages with very small handwriting. Heh,  other times, I fill twenty pages with large handwriting. And sometimes I write a sentence minus one word. Yeah. It flexes. But I never know how much I've actually written. So it was kind of nice to know that I can sit down and slap out 1800 words.

           The downside. I didn't write for the rest of the week.

           But I wrote this Monday, and my document grew from 1,885 something words to like 4,335 something words. In one sitting. So maybe I only wrote two scenes (I have some major editing to do later). But I wrote over 2,000 words in one day. I was rather excited.

           Okay, so maybe that's little beans compared to what you write. But for me. . . I never knew I could write that much all at once. And it wasn't like pulling teeth, like it normally is. I could actually see the characters and their antics. Their faces. I could hear their tone of voice, and their thoughts were so clear. It was great. A good day of writing.

           And yesterday, I didn't have a lot of time but I got out about 1100 words. Didn't finish the scene, but. . . Maybe today.


  1. It's awesome when writing flows, eh?! This last month, I felt I was doing good if I came out with 2K a week. >_< For me, that's pretty slack. ;) But I tend to push myself (probably way too hard). It's kind of nice to writer slowly though, because you get to enjoy the journey and not just rush for the finished product.
    Go Oddball!

    1. 2K is your slow writing? Wow, it's awesome that you normally write more! There was one author, Steven James, who said he wrote about 7,000 words a day. I'd like to work up to that at some point. . . It might help if I learn to type faster.

  2. That is a great accomplishment. It is a lot to write in one sitting. You should eat a cookie to celebrate 8-D

    1. That's a good idea. Cookies make a good incentive. :)


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