Tuesday, August 13, 2013


           Today I'm linking up with Whisperings of the Pen to share some snippets of what I've recently written. Hm, let's see if I can find anything good. . .

           "I think we should just keep heading north, like we've been," Oddball said.
           "But have you seen those mountains?" Rocky gestured out the tent. "They're giant!"
           That's why they were mountains. Not hills.


          "You're in a really good mood today," Rocky said.
          Oddball glanced back at him. Suspicion in his eyes. "You make that sound like a rarity?"
           It was. But maybe he shouldn't break the good mood. "Uh, I was just saying."
           "Uh, huh."

           Their footsteps and the jostle of equipment echoed into the deep reaches of the cavern. Spark let out a lonely whistle. But there was no other noise beside. Their very presence seemed to like an intrusion in this silent, dark world.
           "I can't think of anyone who'd want to live here," Rocky whispered.
           "You don't choose where you're born," Oddball said.
           True. All too true.
           "But how do you live without light?"
           Oddball remained quiet.
           "How do you live in pitch black and- and such suffocating silence?"
           "I- don't know," Oddball finally said. "Maybe. . ." He sighed. "Maybe you don't so much as live, as you do survive."
           Rocky glanced back at Oddball, but he was staring at the ground.



  1. I like them! I love the first one especially, that one is funny.

    1. Thanks. :) I try to pick some funny ones out.


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