Sunday, August 18, 2013

Random Inc.

          Hello again. I've been on the computer today scouring around at random things.

           Mostly because I get these emails from Writers Digest all the time and for once I decided to follow some of the links they send me. And you know, how links lead to links. . .

           So I found this really cool site called YARN. YA Review Network. They publish works on the internet by both well-known authors and, uh, not so well-known authors. Teen authors too. So I poked around for a little while. Lucky my internet was in a good mood today. There's neat story by Sara Zarr, I forget the title. And this other one with a cave and dragons, loved that one. I checked under the 'How to Submit' tab, you know, in case, one day. . . I actually get good at writing short stories. It's sounds fun though, they have such a wide variety of stories. You should look into submitting if you write short stories or poetry (though I'm not sure what YA poetry looks like).

           And then I went to this 'humor writing link.' With many other links linked to it. I feel I've trekked through the whole the cyber world for funny anything. It's seems settled though that most funny words have a k-sound. Sounds crazy. Almost superstitious. But it seems true. Like catapult. That can be funny. Launch? Not so much. Or a pocket full of pickles. Even comedy and joke have k-sounds in them. And the g-sound too. Goggle-eyed.  And who names their kid Gertrude?
           And series of threes. The first two go together and the last is more unlikely. Like peanut butter jelly soup. Okay, technically that wasn't a series.
           Of course, you always want to save the funniest word for last in a sentence. Like the last laugh, I guess.
           And then being specific is always more funny (uh, more funny, funnier?).

I washed my hands a lot today.
           Uh, not funny.

Today I washed my hands 271 times!

           At times the presentation helps too (figured that one myself

         Oh, and I found a list of funny words. I've only perused it. But I'm liking bamboozled, shebang, and lackadaisical. But the list starts with b. Apparently a words aren't funny.

           On a side note that is totally unrelated, I recently changed my major from English to music. Immensely nervous about that. Why? I talked about it on my other blog. And I've written a eulogy too. Interesting that today is bad poetry day.

           So as you can see today I've spent an unacceptable amount of time on the internet. And- I have a theory. When I don't have work, I go through the day doing things. Of course everybody does. But when 8pm ticks around, I realize, the whole day has gone by and I have yet to accomplish anything of worth. So I stay up, not too late, 2am perhaps. So I have something to show for my day. This is why I'm a night owl. I'm beginning to wonder if that's the same theory behind many night owls.

           I've also found out that August is Romance Awareness month. That's just- weird. But, since I'm terrible at writing the romance parts in my books, there might be a post or link-up for fun. What do you think?


  1. Wow. Romance month? That sounds seriously...awkward. I also suck at putting romance in my books. :P

    Lots of interesting bits and pieces here. ;) I should look up that website, though I think I'd only ever watch it.

    1. Yeah. Romance is hard to write. People complain that often romance is cliched. That doesn't help me.

      I'll probably only watch it too. It has some interesting stories on it. :)


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