Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Impossible Bucket List

          After my car wrecked I decided I needed a bucket list. . .

           Joking. But really, The Book Chewers are having their weekly link-up. And this week's prompt is the Impossible Bucket list. The best idea ever!

The Book Chewers
Prompt: It's been said that a reader lives a thousand lives, and it's true. We have an advantage over the rest of the population. We sit on our beds, crack open a book, and we're whisked away to far-off lands where we meet fascinating characters and go on the finest adventures words can write. But this comes with disadvantages. Real life disappoints us. Other people just want to go on a cruise or ride in a hot-air-balloon. We'll always be looking for something slightly more ... magical. A reader's bucket list is an impossible bucket list. What's on your impossible list?

1. Sail on the Trophy Chase along side Smith Delaney

2. Travel to Rivendell

3. Storm the Castle with Wesley, Fezzik, and Inigo Montoya

4. Join Robin Hood and trick the Sheriff of Nottingham

5. Watch Dustfinger play with fire

6. Throw knives with Tris and Four

7. Live in Lothlorien

8. Be Divergent

9. Listen to Seraphina sing and play the flute

10. Survive through Moria with Frodo and the Fellowship

11. Go hunting with Katniss and listen to her sing and the mocking jays join her

12. Travel with Gandalf

13. Dance with the trees of Narnia

14. Ride on the back of an Eagle

15. Have conversation with Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy

16. Travel with Strider

17. Solve a mystery with Holmes and Watson

18. Visit Whoville

19. Visit the Swiss Robinson Family and their tree house

20. Walk the countryside with Emily Bryd Starr and sleep atop a haystack

21. Have tea with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare

22. Walk the Dauntless caverns

23. Jump a train

24. Be read into on of my own books like Fenoglio

25. Meet the Cheshire Cat

26. Spend a night with the Factionless

27. Meet Johanna and see the Tree

28. Ride a red wagon through the hills and reflect on the deep matters of life with Calvin and Hobbes


  1. Ooh, I like this one. Particularly 15, 17, and 20. I'm always so happy when I meet someone who knows Emily. She's massively overlooked and underrated, in comparison to Anne.

    Thanks for linking up! =)

    1. Exactly! Emily is so much fun. I think I actually like her better than Anne most times. No matter what she does, she always puts all of herself into it.

  2. Good luck throwing knives with Tris and Four (I can see that probably going badly for you...let's hope Four is in a good mood, eh? ;P) JUST KIDDING. I'd like to meet the Cheshire Cat too! Awesome list!!

    1. Ha. :) I said 'throwing knives' not 'being a target.' I do know how to throw a knife. Now am I any good? Eh, there's not much to say on that. :P
      I like the Cheshire Cat. Whenever I see a thin slice of moon in the sky, I think of him. Or Treasure Planet. The Montressor Spaceport! Flying through the stars. Hm, something's missing on my bucket list.

  3. Great list! (Also, so glad to hear you're okay after your wreck! God was certainly watching out for you!)

    Now I want to tag along with you on your bucket list. *Grin*


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