Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Random Inc.

           I must apologize for my absence.

           You see. . . something happened. Gravity lost its grip on me, and I just- fell off the face of the earth. Hard to believe I know. I was lucky a nice asteroid offered me a ride to the nearest satellite. And even more lucky it was an American satellite and was, at that moment, being repaired. I rode back on a spaceship. Best view of the moon ever. You should try it sometime. Although it wasn't much fun walking home of the space station. Rude people on the road.

           Okay. For real now. No fiction added. I've kind of been burned out. Maybe I should have figured that out a couple weeks ago after my car wreck. :P But I guess I have a hard head (it does come in handy sometimes).

           But I'm back to blogging. :) This post may be a bit rambling.

           Isn't it funny how some people are like, "You didn't say 'hi' to me." Or "You never talk to me." When, uh, those same people don't say 'hi' to you or verbally acknowledge you either? I suppose that little fact has escaped their notice.

           But I have been reading. A lot. Like three books! Okay, two books and perusing a poetry book. The Knight by Steven James, The Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan, and some Robert Frost. I cannot wait to review The Knight for you guys!

           I've written too. Not as much as I'd like. And not as *rolls eyes looking for right words* well-thought out as I'd like. But that's what editing is for.

           My characters, Oddball and Rocky, are postal travelers. They deliver mail to different kingdoms. But they are also specialists. They go to dangerous and unknown places. Trailblaze. All the fun, impending doom stuff. But each time they go from one kingdom to another, I end up recreating a whole new cast of side characters.

           I've kind of wondered why this happens. There's travel in almost all fantasy books, but they don't all have a whole new group of characters emerge with each new kingdom the protagonist travels to. Like Finnikin of the Rock. They traveled to many different kingdoms, and in each new kingdom the readers probably met only one new indepth character. Maybe.

           But I think I've figured it out. Oddball and Rocky's boss, his name's Jaykin. And what does he say before they set out?

           "Now remember, " Jaykin said, "no dabbling in the kingdom's affairs. Don't do anything illegal. And whatever you do, don't get caught up in its idiot politics. We have enough fool-head people traipsing around this Post."

           Rocky nodded. "We know, Jaykin." This was probably the three millionth and forty-fifth time he'd heard Jaykin's 'don't list.' He opened the door.

           Jaykin yelled after them, "And no- you hear?- no breaking people out of jail or smuggling people or any such wild, impulsive. . ."

           "Yes sir, Mr. Boss Man." Rocky saluted and shut the door.

           Give or take a few lines, Jaykin says something of the like all the time. But of course Oddball and Rocky wouldn't ever think to do those things. It's like the last thing they would ever do. So. . . it's my job as the author to put them in a situation where they might compromise something they believe they would never do. It makes for an interesting internal conflict.

           But with the things Jaykin says, that means they need to get involved in the kingdom they are delivering mail to. And to do that they have to get to know the people. And to do that I need a new cast of characters with each kingdom. Eck. Why do they have to be some much work?

           On another random note, I'd like to watch August Rush again. That movie has some amazing music. My favorite scene is August and his father playing the guitar together though they don't even know who the other is. I was kind of disappointed that they never really found out on screen. I suppose the one scene can reconcile that though. :)

           And by the way, today is National Cheesecake Day in the US. Who comes up with this stuff anyways? Oh, well. How do you like your cheesecake? New York Style? Strawberries? Raspberries? I like mine baked with a ton of chocolate chips. :)


  1. Really? You get a National Cheesecake Day? I'm jealous. I like cheesecake. I like it a lot...

    I LOVED August Rush. That guitar scene was so fantastic, especially how they did all that improv. Most people strum, but no, August Rush hits his guitar. Epic.

    1. I know, improv just makes it all the more amazing. :) One day I must figure out how he played and try it too.

  2. National Cheesecake day is better than Doughnut day in my opinion. I like Cheesecake.

    Your book is still sounding exciting. I'm dying for it to come out so I can read it.

    1. Thanks. :) I'm a little stuck in it right now, but I still press onward.


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