Monday, June 24, 2013

Appearing Professional: Pitfall Words Edition

           I'm not sure if you had this in school, but my English text book had lessons on words that were commonly misused and confused. Actually it had whole units committed to this, complete with a glossary.
           The mentor workshops at the writer's conference covered this briefly. Here's a few words that they threw out there:

           Affect/ Effect (I missed this throughout a whole essay once, but I found a trick Affect is normally the verb form while effect is the noun form, so affect = action: they both begin with a.)

           They're/ There/ Their

           Advise/ Advice (advise is normally the verb, advice the noun)

           Allusions/ Illusions

           Accept/ Except

           Lead/ Led

           Its/ It's (I have to reword my sentence and extract all the contractions to spot this one.)

           Words I always mix up are lose/ loose, chose/ choose/ choice, and I am forever writing what for want and want for what. Thank God for editing.
          What about you? Are there words you commonly confuse in your writing?


  1. Oh, I confuse all of them. All at once. My worst are ones like "effect" and "affect" and "then" and "than". Mime's always corrected then and then for me. Thank goodness for Mime. ;)

    1. Ack! 'Then' and 'than.' I confuse those all the time. When I'm in the flow of first-drafting, I just slap one down and say I figure it out later. :P


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