Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Annoucements of sorts

           I will be at a writers conference over the weekend. Hurray! But there is no internet access. I'm sorry we will not have Fictionography this Friday. But I should learn some cool stuff that I can share with you guys when I'm back!

           On a side note, I've been reading Inkheart. And I sketched one of the characters.


          Darius the reader when he first appears in the book. I didn't add many details elsewhere because I wanted the focus on him. His head looks too big for the rest of him though. :P



  1. OH! A writers conference? I'm SO jealous. Have fun! (And I'll be looking forward to these tips...!!)

  2. A writer's conference should be lots of fun! If you learn any good tips you shall have to share them. *Arches eyebrows*

    Have fun!! And have fun reading Inkheart, I've heard that one is good. I like the piture!


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