Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Villain and the Girl and the Romance-Driven Good

           I'm sorry about yesterday's odd post. You see I had-

lost my mind. Ha. I lost my mind.
 You haven't seen it, have you?
 My missing piece,
my primary memory circuit?

BEN, Treasure Planet

           I'm sorry. It happens often unfortunately. I try not to let it show (yeah, right).

           But today I watched Megamind with my family. I love that show; it's hilarious!

      You certainly are a villain, but not a supervillain.

What's the difference?\

*cue the music*



           The evil overlord said something though. The bad guy never gets the girl. And now that I think about, he's right. I don't think I've come across a fictitious story where the bad guy gets the girl. Now if I dig deeper I might find some insignificant incident. But it's just not popular. Perhaps it's too much of a damper for a happy ending.

           I'm not sure why. Often times though, it seems that the girl is on the good side. Not necessary on the good guy's side exactly (or at least at first). But the girl always seems to applaud and encourage good in general. Like the girl stands for good in a way, like a symbol almost. (unless you're reading fantasy, then she can be either way: light and all good things or manipulating and perpetually wicked)

           With the girl always wanting good to win out, it helps drive the good guy to continue being good when things get tough. If she hadn't desired good in general to prevail, would the good guy remain good? Are there any stories that take a chance on that question? Perhaps. But I can't think of any at the moment.
           One day I want to write a story where the bad guy gets the girl. Or where the bad girl gets the guy, whatever. A story where good isn't romantically driven. 


  1. Oh! Oh! I've read stories where the "bad boy" gets the girl!! (I love Megamind too. Aaaah. So much).

    In Michael Grant's Gone series, the bad guy DOES get his girl. And in Scarlet (by Marissa Meyer), the bad guy gets the girl too! And he is a REALLY bad guy. :P And I just finished Graffiti Moon (by Cath Crowley) where I'm not sure if the guy is considered "bad", but he's sure not good compared to the girl. Gee. I feel I've given away a lot of books here.

    Loving that quote from BEN. ;) XD

    1. Yes! All the world is not prone to clichés. I have some reading to do now. :)

      BEN adds a light touch to every scene. :) Treasure Planet is one of my favorites still.

  2. Now you've gotten me thinking, which is always dangerous.

    1. But however dangerous, thinking is supposed to be good. How that works out, I do not know.

  3. :) All your posts make me smile and think deeply.


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