Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Snippets. . . again

          Look! There are new pages on the top bar! Or whatever it is that's called. . . They are link ups, soon to be active. Check them out.  :)

           Whisperings of the Pen is hosting Snippets! Perhaps I should've waited a day or so. Oh, well. Here's a few more.

            Someone pulled his head out of the water, finally. Whoever it was, he was going to kill them. Rocky coughed until his lungs hurt. Then his eyes finally focused.
            Rats, it was a girl.

-from Oddball

            "You. . ." Shocky scrutinized him. "You have a slug on your shoulder."

                                                                                             -from Oddball (ages ago)

           Anyone else would have stood there and gawked, clueless. But Mora was smart. He liked smart girls.
           She jerked him to a stop. "Are you crazy? Nobody has ever-"
           "But I will." He smirked.
           She raised an eyebrow, then shook her fist at him. "If you dare kiss me-"
           Rocky laughed. "I would never kiss
           "You sure looked like it." She gave him a warning glare.
           He walked away. He didn't have time for this.
                                                                                            -from Oddball (yeah, I can't write romance)

           Whenever I see her, I know her heart is crying. With the deep sorrows of silent rain and swelled rivers. But she never cries on the outside.
           She can't.

                                                                                           -from the weird idea


  1. I LIKE THEM!!!! I want to know what is going on in them! Oh, they were well done! NOw I am REALLY curious!
    I think characters like Luke are some of the best heroes ever. They have every reason to give up, but they keep going. I love characters like that. Also, as you said, mentioning Anakin. Both pretty much faced the same things. They both lost people they loved, they both struggled with temptation, but they reacted to it all very differently. Also, as you said as well, Luke might have had a harder time because it was his own father asking him to yeld to the temptation. It would have been so easy for him to join his father.

    Aw, R2 D2, I like him too. He is so much fun. All ornery and smug. 8-D

    Can't wait to read your character post!

    1. Thanks! Those are the gems I had to dig for. :)
      R2-D2 is awesome. :) But they always tell him to stay behind, not that he does, but they underestimate him. But he's the only one through the whole series who has been there from beginning to end and knows the whole story.

      I'm still debating on who to do my post on. Too many characters.

  2. I love the snippets from Oddball! What a fun, light-hearted story.

    Your link-up ideas sound amazing. Count me in!

    Whisperings of the Pen

    1. Thank you. :) It's fun to write.

      Yay! I can't wait to read your posts.

  3. Stopping by from the link-up...these are so fun! I like Oddball - especially the first one. :D And I like that last snippet too...I am intrigued. :)

    1. I enjoy this link-up. I think that one's my favorite of Oddball's too. :)


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