Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One way to improve your writing, plus an advertisement of sorts

           Hello, hello! I'm apologize for not having a quote yesterday. Our internet was down yesterday, for unknown reasons. But today is much different.

           Today we are talking about writers conferences! I don't mean the ones where you take the query and first 5 pages of your finished manuscript and talk (talk? eek!) to millions of editors and agents in hopes that they will want to publish you. I mean the conferences that have writing classes. (and some of the former conferences have classes also)

           These conferences have classes on a variety of subjects. Some of conferences are tailored especially for YA writers, thriller writers, romance writers, sci-fi and fantasy writers (why those two genres always seemed to get smashed together, I will never know; they can be vastly different from each other and diverse on their own, I just don't get it). Anyhow. . . some conferences are simply for writers. Just writers in general.

           Honestly, I've only been to one writers conference. The first time I went, it drastically changed my writing style. I learned what POV was. I can't even remember all it was that I learned that first time. But it was information overload, to the max. Yes. That is why every instructor had a hand out sheet, and I took notes everywhere, all the time. So when I got home and stopped twitching from the shock of it all, I could look back on what I had learned.

           Plus, I met people.  Sort of. I'm not outgoing, so at mealtimes I met the people I sat with. But it was so great to be around writers! People like- like us! We learn a lot from each other. And motivation. You get motivation out of these conference things too.

            The conference I went to (twice!) is the North Texas Christian Writers Conference. There were so many different classes. For beginners, for advanced writers, for non-fiction writers, for mystery writers, for children's writers, for anything you could imagine. Friday and Saturday. It was brain-crunching sometimes. And I felt like I squirmed too much in my chair through each 75 minute class, because of all the sitting. But it was amazing, and when I went back the second time I 'knew' people from the first time I went (well, I knew their face, they knew mine, and. . .we re-met each other).

           Going to a writers conference is taking a serious step towards your writing skills (not the only serious step, just one of them). You learn so much. From the classes, from fellow writers, from yourself sometimes (as in other people can learn from you too). It's expensive, yes, but it lasts a life-time.

         And this year, I'm going to the Effective Storytelling Mentoring Workshops for the third time! I'm really excited; especially since I missed last year. It's seems they're changing it up a little. Besides the name, it sounds like there will be less class time and more writing time. Isn't that neat?

           So if you want to go, it's June 14th and 15th. Early bird registration is $229 for adults, and $129 for high school students. Early registration rate ends on May 15th. All of your meals are included in that price. It's in Fort Worth, Texas. For more information, or if you just want to check out some of the other cool things the North Texas Christian Writers offer you can click here.

           It's awesome! Really, it is. But even if the North Texas Christian Writers is galaxies away from you, I hope you'll check out some of the local (or semi-local, in my case) writers conference in your area. It really helps.

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