Friday, May 31, 2013

However Improbable: Character Posts

           Miss Jack at However Improbable is having a drawing for her book A Stretch of Loyalty that is coming out. Write a character post and leave the link in her comments section and your name will go in. So here's my character post.

           I'm not sure how many of you have read this book. Seraphina by Rachel Hartman. (I will apologize beforehand for any misspellings of names, I don't have the book with me) At first I wasn't sure if I would like it much. I personally am not much for dragons turning into people or vice-versa, or even half dragon and half person? Yeah. To me that gets into macro-evolution (if you're into science you know what I mean), and I don't agree with that. But that's beside the point, and for this book I decided to put that to the side also and just see what the story itself was about.
           Amazing! Hartman's style drew me in. But her characters are the real showstopper. I was thinking about discussing Kiggs. But maybe another time. Orma. I don't know if he was my favorite over Kiggs, but he comes very close.

           Orma is Seraphina's dragon uncle. He is most often seen in his saar or human form. But he is so hilarious, without meaning to be really. Because Seraphina tends to be scarastic at times. And being a dragon, Orma more than likely doesn't even know the word sarcastic exists. He can blend in better with humans than most saars. But he still has his quirks. Like sitting on his stacks of books. Because to him, knowledge is treasure.

           Which is another thing I love about Orma. He is different than most dragons. They all covet treasure and power (well. . .they are dragons). But Orma  has more depth. His treasure is not gold. It's knowledge. It's music.

           And dragons consider human emotions to be a disease. If a saar begins to show too much human emotion he can be banned from living amongst humans. It is weakness to them. Orma does not understand all sentiments. But he does have emotions, even if he doesn't show them. He has a father-like relationship with Seraphina. He cares very much for. He has often saved her life, and has had the brains enough to make it look as if he were doing something else, so no dragon could be sure he was attached to her. Even Seraphina at times doubts that he really cares. But he does. And there are so many reason he should not. One, he's a dragon. Two, in the dragon world he could be in a lot of trouble. Three, she's the daughter of his dead sister and that has to be painful. His loyalty is amazing as well as his self-sacrifice for his niece.

           And as I mentioned before all the dragons hunger for is treasure and power. Perhaps Orma has learned that love is powerful. I worry about him in the coming book. I'll try not say too much if you haven't read it. Because you should. It's a wonderful fantasy. The one of the best fantasies I've read in a while time.

           If you want to write a character post and enter Miss Jack's drawing also, you can find her blog here.


  1. OH!!!!!! You picked someone from Seraphina!!! This makes me happy, I love that book. And Omra was very cool, I really, really liked him. He reminded me a little of Sherlock, in his lack of understanding humans. (Well, maybe Spock. Spock might be closer.) Everything just kind of went over his head sometimes. And when he had to work with that one dragon who kept messing everything up, I kind of felt bad for him, while snickering the whole time.

    But, anyways, good pick! And thank you for entering, I have added your name.

    1. I love how he just doesn't get humans. He sometimes mimics them so stiff like. And when they went to the quighole, he was great in that scene! Thanks so much. This was a really fun idea. :)


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