Thursday, May 16, 2013

DF: Guitar chords and great eccentricity

         WARNING: tHIS  post has not been properly edited. It contains quite a bit of rambling, typoes, and who knows what else may lurking around the next period. ReAd at your own risk. P.S. Ashely is currently bored. so much so she cannot even spell her own name correcty.

           I have been spending all day with my best friend. Always good times.

            I've been learning to play guitar. She's decided, since her family is so musically inclined and all, that she will learn too. It's great to have someone to play with. Very motivating. I love it.

            But. . . we started at 10a, it is now almost 6:30p. We had a small break so we could bake cookies. Aside from that-

           I AM GOING CRAZY!

           Today I learned more than I have in the past 4 months (probably longer). The internet is an amazing thing. I learned what a Dsus was. And that it's not pronounced as 'Dsus.' Heh, no, it's pronounced 'D sustained.' But 'Dsus' is so much more comical too say.

           And an Em7 (E minor 7, not said as Em7, must remember that). A7. C2.  F chords rightways and backways and cheater ways. The madness! I'm learning a foreign language (this has got to count for some kind of college credit).

           Two songs. Three songs. Sing while I play? Forget that. Wait missed a chord. And how do you do a Dsus again? My bad, D sustained. Bar chords? Me, do that? Ha, that is funny, very funny.

          This is my best friend's second day to committing to guitar. How does she retain everything so fast? And she's still playing!

           Aside from that, it's nice to have a day off work. Freedom! Today I pretend I don't have a life. If working until you drop is considered a life.

          And now I want to pick up the guitar again. But I don't want to interrupt her playing. I know she's trying to get it.

           And my big horse of a dog is howling for some ludicrous reason. She's so clingy for a creature without arms for clinging. I'll just bark back at her.

          This post is greatly lacking in sense.

          Now the dog is eating a peppermint. Perhaps it will solve the problem of her dragon breath, I hopes.  We only needs a brave knight to give her cavernous mouth a whiffs and see if the peppermint alone was strong enough to banish the dragon breath. Unfortunately, we are fresh out of braves knights around here; only gots the wimp ones left.

          Okay, enough of that. I'll have to make dinner soon. Mac n cheese. Oh, deliciousness in a blue box. Creamy bowlfuls of noodles. You make cheesy pots and. . . songs. Oh, mac n chesse.

          Oh, I need sleep.

          I'm sorry. I'm being odd today.

          Am I scaring you?

          I'll stand over instead.

          Is that better?

No, really. I need sleep. . .

         A guitar. Mac n Cheese. A good book. Pencil and paper. And life shall be perfect.


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