Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A very random post in which a scene may be found

           I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been working often lately. Um, working as in my "real" job. Not the most fun thing to be busy with, but it must be done.

           So I was browsing through some photos. I thought I would write a random scene inspired by a photo. While I was at the morgue file, I found this.

His face makes me think of Gandalf.


Then this one made me think of The Hobbit and Sauron's rant about mushrooms.

And these are Black Riders, except. . . they're not riding.

But that is all tangential. I'm supposed to write a scene. So here we go.

           Oddball hated summer in the Border. Prackles could swim just as fast as they run.

           Sunlight peeked through an opening in the trees and clouds. Up head the boardwalk dipped down closer to the ground. The flood water stood level with the planks. Wonderful.

           Oddball crept down the boardwalk. Rocky pounded after him. Hot rain drizzled through the thick canopy of leaves.

           "So this is where you live?" Rocky said.

           "Yeah. What of it?"

           "Well," he could hear the shrug in Rocky's voice, "The way Odd and Bal hates each other, I just thought that, you know. . ."

           Oddball turned to him.

          "No, I don't know."

           "That it'd be more bloody is all."

           Oddball stared at him. Rocky had no idea. Maybe he knew a lot about some things. But he could see it in his green eyes, the guy was clueless when it came to the Border.

           Most people were.

           Oddball continued and Rocky continued too, with quite a lot of noise. They left the town behind them. Water lapped at the boardwalk. Only the Balens were dumb enough to let the broadwalk wander into all parts of the forest. Where it would be easier for it to sag lower to the ground. That's how prackles would ransack the town.

           "Wow, it's darker over here," Rocky said. "Why aren't there any houses this way?"

            The crickets, the birds, the bandit monkeys- everything turned silent. Oddball searched the black water. Bubbles surfaced here and there from the heat lilies boiling underwater. But there was no sign of a prackle.

           "Where are we going?" Rocky asked.

           "To see somebody."

           "A friend's house?"

           "Sure," Oddball mumbled.
Friend wasn't the exact word he would use, and house was stretching it since Esin hardly ever stayed in one place long enough to have a house.

          "Are we almost there? This path seems to go one forever. And it's really quiet."

           Oddball sighed. Would he shut up? Did he want the whole world to know where they were?

          "It's kind of creepy. Is it always like this?"

          The faint slap of water reached his strained ears. Meager sunlight caught on some ripples by some reeds. But there was nothing else. Nothing.

          "Where is your home?"

           Oddball turned on him. "Would you be quiet already?" He strained to keep his voice at a whisper.  "Do you want them to know where we are?"



           "I heard about them-"

          "And the others." This guy just never thought.

          "The. . . others?" Rocky cut his eyes from side to side. He looked so small and out of his element. The guy was a wizard with ropes rocks. He was used to cliffs and mountains. To thrilling heights and the wind tearing through him. Not a swamp wasteland where hate lurked in all shadows.

           Oddball tried to be gentler. "I'm a half breed, Rocky. In the border. I'm a hangman's breakfast." It didn't work.

          "But you got through the town okay. There was no one around."

          "Because of the prackles!" Most towns went on lockdown in the summer when the flood waters flowed and the prackles had easier access to the town upraised on thick stilts and planks. It was why they weren't in the trees right now. The lynch mob and Leer would be hiding there for him, because it was too risky for them on the ground.

Prac, rackle. The raspy, throaty prackle cry sent a chill down him. Not now. With Rocky.   


Rac, rrracckle.

         "Just be quiet!" His voice echoed. Oddball jerked his head to the trees. Rocky didn't run as fast as himself. The last thing he needed was-

          Something broke through the water behind them.

          "Run!" Oddball dashed down the boardwalk. Claws scraped against the wet wood. He slipped, caught himself, and kept going.

           He chanced a glance back. The large reptile gained on Rocky, so close. Closer. Oddball skidded and swung around. Two steps and he grabbed Rocky's arm. He dragged the guy behind him.

           "How much farther?"

           "Who knows?"

           "You don't know where we're going?!"


           They scrambled under a tangle of low branches. Good, that would slow the prackle down some. Once free of the branches Oddball sped up. They needed to get some distance.

          Water flew in Oddball's face.

Thud!  No. No. Prac, rrrrackle. The saber-toothed reptile hissed a few feet from his face.

          "Change of plans." Oddball turned and shoved Rocky from behind.

          "Wait, what?"



          The first prackle was so close.

          "Just do it!" Oddball pushed him up. He hauled himself onto the thick branch after Rocky. The prackles just missed his ankles.

          "Now what?" Rocky crossed his arms.


          "Are you sure?"

          A gun cocked.

          Leer smirked from around the wide tree trunk. "Lookie what we came across, boys."

         The lynch men materialized from the trees.

         "Get the rope, Smog." Leer leveled the shotgun at Oddball. "There's a town hangin' this evenin'."

         "I tried to tell you." Rocky glared at Oddball.
          Oddball sighed. Life just never could be convenient.

          There you have it. Semi-unedited and all.

          Heh, yeah. . .unedited. I sorry to put you through such misery.

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