Monday, April 29, 2013

good characters always have something good to do- and A Protest

            Hi. Again. *sighs* This happens to be me, Oddball. You see, Ashley thought I wrote such an amazing post last time, that she decided I should take over her next post. About characters and their goals and the beginning of scenes and. . .

           Okay, fine. She's more like punishing me for hacking into her account. So she wants me to tell you that good characters always have something worthwhile to do with their time.

           Translation (because Ashley is terrible at articulating): People like characters with goals. Or something to that effect (like I said, she's not easy to understand sometimes).

           See at the beginning of a book, or even just a scene, a character shouldn't be "aimlessly wandering around" (she used the -ing verb, not me). "He should be doing something that helps him achieve his goals." If he wants to be a runner, perhaps he is buying running shoes, eating healthy, or whatever it is that runners do that makes them runners- besides run. What do I know?

           Or he should "do something that characterizes him." If he is hot tempered, maybe the scene opens with him ranting about the bumble-head who keeps losing his compass and doesn't know east from west. No, I'm not hot-tempered. In case you wondered. But I might know a someone who doesn't know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

           Why? Good question. Wish I knew. Unfortunately, Ashley thinks she has an answer: "Idle characters tend to be boring and aimless, along with scenes that begin with mundane things like driving a car, waking up, sitting around, etc. If you begin the scene with more purpose, even if it's just to develop the character, the scene and (hopefully) the character will have a better chance at being worthwhile." No translation here. Sorry guys, you're on your own with this one. What is a car? I don't think she's very certain about this anyways. She didn't look too sure of herself. What else is new?

                                                                     The Protest

           This is punishment because I am a goal-less character. Especially at the beginning of the book. So I'm terribly sorry if I don't seem enthusiastic to all you readers out there.

           "Get some goals."

           "What do you plan to do with your life, Oddball?"

           That's what I hear all day. Well, I do have goals. Uh, one. Survive. And I do that very well. Often you see me running for my life (no, I don't wear running shoes, or eat healthy). And I might find something worthwhile to do later in the story. But surviving is a good goal. Without me, where would the book be? At THE END.

           One other note. This was not a good course of punishment. Allowing me to do what I "got in trouble" for. I'm having a blast, Ashley.



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