Monday, April 22, 2013

From a Real Character

          Hello, readers of Ashley's blog. I'm Oddball. And this is the blog? Hm. Interesting place to spend one's time. It's like a real place, but virtual. Weird. This computer stuff is different. I'm not sure I like it yet.

Hey, Oddball, what are. . . What is that?

           A computer.

A huh?
           Techonology, Rocky. I know that's over your head, but. . .

Oh, is this that blog thing Ashley talks about? That whole other world. The virtual realm?

           Is that how she explained it to you?

           Well, yeah.

           Or is that how you understood it?

Um, how are you in her account? Wait, you broke in didn't you?

           It's called 'hacking,' Rocky. And of course not.

           Then why. . .?

           Ashley just wanted me to let everyone know that since she's busy with school, she has allowed me to post. . .

           Post? Like a fence post?

           You guys can't have a secret meeting and not invite me.

    *mumbles* So we've found out.

          Peril, I thought you were delivering some kind of message in Kyn.

    Yes, and now I'm back. What are you doing? This looks thoroughly interesting.

          I'm trying to do something here. Would you all just. . .

         Wait, wait. This is the blog! The blog! We are on THE BLOG!

    *sighs* We have now firmly established that we are on the blog, okay? Is there anything else you'd like to say?

           Can we talk to the readers? Pleeease? Or followers?

    No, you can't.

         Oddball, why are you on here?

          Ashley's busy and I'm taking over for the week.

         So she let you on here?

         Hello, followers of the blog! My name is Lucky Peril. Technically I don't have a name though since I was born on the run and. . .

         Peril, not again. Look they're sleeping already.

         Wait, she let you post? Why you? Can't we all post? I mean it is Character Month. Why not let the readers hear from all of us characters?

    I don't know. She didn't say that. . .

          That's a good idea. We could each take a day to say something.

          Like what?

         Oh, I'm sure we could think of something.

    Characters, duh. Who knows more about characters than us? And it is Character Month.

          You guys do know she made that up, right? You don't need to capitalize it.

          She made us up, didn't she? Why can't she make up Character Month?

          Stop capitalizing it!

          Hey! What does this button do?

    Don't touch that! We don't need that button.

          Oddball, I know what 'Publish' means. She didn't really want you to post anything, did she?


          So, what are you doing?

          I was curious.

          Wait, so if you're not going to publish this- so she doesn't know what we've been doing- then- Why are you on here?

    I already told you. I just wanted to see how these computer things worked. Okay?

          Ah, I see. You're - what do they call it?-  pretending.

    Shut up!

          We should really get off now, you guys. What if she sees us?

           Aw, what's the big deal? She'll never know. And if she does, what does it matter? It's not like she can kill us. She needs us.

           Very good point.

           Not really. She can make our lives as miserable as possible.

           She does that anyways.

           Yeah, it's her job.

           Oh, come on! Don't take up for her.
           You're just trying to get on her good side.

           She has one?

           No, really. . .

    Careful! Not that button!







  1. Haha! Brilliance! (Er, Ashley? I think your captives escaped...)

  2. Peril: Captives! Not on your life.

    Oddball: Peril, put the knife down.

    Rocky: She was only kidding. Besides she called us brilliant.

    Oddball: And you can't cage brilliance.

    1. You guys! What am I going to do with you?

      Sorry, Cait about the knife. Brilliant, huh? At least they're good for something. ;)


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