Tuesday, March 19, 2013


          As promised, I am linking up with Whisperings of the Pen for Snippets. This is where I share with you some random sentences from what I wrote last month. But since my writing has been here and there lately I'll just give you what I've been writing "recently." Forewarning: it's still rough. I apologize that there are no pictures. This was rather spur of the moment so I have nothing prepared. But I thought after my (continued) long absence you deserve another post. Thank you so much for following! Just you know, to throw that in too.

         The third package, much smaller, was also a box. A familiar box. Oddball's fingers trembled as he opened it. A small vial of a liquid, tinted blue. Unlabeled. It didn't need a label. He knew what it was.


                                                                                                              -from Oddball

         And Rocky was singing again. He must feel better now. Oddball wished he could say the same thing for his ears.

-from Oddball

          A crude wooden sign was posted in front of it.
Echo Passage- Doom of the Big-Mouthed. Make not a sound.

         "That's funny," Rocky said.
         "Yeah, who labels a sign like that?" Oddball said.

-from Oddball


       Besides I'm twenty-one now, official adult ready to face the world. Yeah, right. The world faced me a long time ago. And dragged me under.

-from c. sanity

          He shrugs his broad shoulders again. 'Little brother' is a deceiving term.

-from c. sanity

          I toss the dishes in the sink. Without breaking them, yes; it's an art form.

-from c. sanity


  1. You have a book called c. sanity???!!! o.O Cool. Very cool.
    I love the 3rd one best!!

    1. Thanks. :) The c. actually stands for contemporary, added in only because I couldn't believe I was writing contemporary. :P It will stand only as sanity if it ever goes to publication, but for now it's a non-serious, just-for-kicks project.


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