Monday, March 25, 2013

Character Update

         Yes! I actually wrote this week. Two scenes. But it was amazing that I had time, sort of. In truth I told homework that it would have to wait in line. Oddball and Rocky are still in the same place in way, since Oddball is still dragging Rocky through the snow and Rocky is still unconscious. Yeah. . . slow process.
         And since these character updates can be tedious it seems. If I wrote in giant leaps (do I wish I could!) then it would be more interesting. But since I don't have that highly coveted writing ability, I will make the Character Updates monthly instead of weekly.

          I am still not officially back. But the blurb is underway (other self- it is? me- yes, didn't you know? other self- since when do you communicate with me about what you plan to do?).

          Picture this: a series of scenes about two boys on the slow slope to death. Snow is the only scenery allowed. One of the boys is out of commission. And the other one is alone in this snow world. And it has to be riveting. That last part, eh, it's not working out so well.

          Have you had trouble with scenes that were supposed to be one of the nail-biters, but every time you wrote it, and rewrote it, it always seemed to fall flat? What was it about? What did you do?


  1. I have had scenes like that, so I know where you are coming from. I know what they have to be, but no matter how much I try they don't reach up to it. They sound boring.
    I have found this is uaually because I am trying to hard. Try to start over, sit down, and write as much as you can without thinking. Don't try and make it into anything, let it be what it wants. Let the characters tell it. This sometimes works. Other times they just snicker.

    I hope this helps though.

    1. Thank you! I will have to give it a good honest shot tonight. My characters love to do the snickering bit and then not let on what they are snickering about behind my back.

  2. I have scenes that sock me in the face. :( I feel like the humour is forced and the action takes too long to happen. If it just NEVER works...I write it from a completely different angle. If that fails. Delete it. ;)

    Are you doing a bit of a Gollum there?

    1. Delete it! I'm a terrible pack rat. But if it sounds too forced, it must go.

      Maybe just a bit.


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