Tuesday, March 5, 2013

And then life hit

         I owe you an apology. I'm sorry.
         I left for a week. A whole week. I told myself I wouldn't do that. But it happened still. My family presently have no internet at our house. Mostly because there is no house. Just a bunch of dirt with these circular slabs of concrete randomly positioned on its surface. My family is in the process of buying a new house. So we are in an RV and a camper. The only real down side is that there's no internet which makes blogging and school more difficult.

         I'm at the college, that's why you are reading this. Please forgive me for another un-pictured post.

         Since school, work, and moving have consumed much of me time, I have not written much. In Oddball. Yes, I should specify that. I've written a paragraph (or a half) in some non-serious, just-to-keep-my-sanity project almost everyday. And I keep thinking about this other project I have. The weird idea. It's still rough.

         I really need to give you a blurb of Oddball. So you actually know what I'm talking about. And I should tell you that Oddball is the protagonist's name. But it's also what I call the book itself, because, well, you know. It doesn't have a title. None of my books have titles. I used to always call my projects after the protagonist, so Oddball is Oddball. There was a Sandy, an Anne, and a Mike and Libby (all hoping to be resurrected). Now my projects are developing more or less accurate names like the weird idea, c. sanity, or fairytale. How do you name you WIPs? Do they have a stand in title until you find something more permanent? Do their titles change every week? Did the title inspire the book?

         I will have a blurb of sorts of Oddball soon. When I find some sense of normalcy (as if normal exists).


  1. I can't wait for the blurb!!! Sometimes the protagonist's name isn't a bad title anyway...I kind of like the sound of Oddball. ;) Makes me ask a LOT of questions.

    My titles usually come before I start the book. I'm brilliant...okay, actually, Mime helps me with most of my titles. So technically she's brilliant-er. (I thought up Boybots on my own, though. Hurrah!)

    1. It's neat to have to someone to toss ideas with. Boybots is a neat title. Not too long and it looks good with the bs and os.


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