Saturday, February 23, 2013

Where Your Stories Began


         I know I was writing when I was five. I don't know what I did before that. Just loafed, I suppose.
                                           - P. G. Wodehouse

        Around the ages of twelve and fourteen, I stepped partly out of childhood's door. I could no longer play act my imaginings. I couldn't incorporate my toys into the stories that ran rampant through my mind. But the stories still existed along with the desire to pretend. So instead I search for Narnia. I was child enough that facts didn't stop me. Just for a few moments while pushing back the clothes in the closet, shoving away the boxes underneath the bed, or rounding that tree in the woods, I could let myself believe that just maybe. And when I found nothing, I would smile and sigh. Of course I would not find anything. I searched for the impossible. But what if- I could be raptured into a different world? Where animals talked, the trees danced, and the wind truly whispered. Where money was of small concern, math mattered little, and people actually noticed sunsets and the fresh smell of rain. I turned from actor of stories to dreamer of stories. But these stories screamed for an outlet that mere thoughts could not satisfy. I transitioned quickly from dreamer to writer. My stories flew from pencil to paper. And I found out that other worlds did exist. All with their own dangers, wonders, and curious people. I believe this is when I first became drawn to writing.

         How about you? When did you first start writing? Why? What is the story that began all your stories?


  1. Oh, yes, this was pretty much me too. Hey, but at least I didn't totally rewrite Narnia. I wrote it a sequel, all to do with my fantastic characters once they got through the wardrobe. I kind of wonder what everyone else does when they grow out of playacting their imaginings? Obviously the ones who can't bear to part with them start writing.

    *raise glass* To all the writers! We will never grow up!

    PS I pretty much loafed before 5 too. That is a fantastic quote...

    1. We really don't. But that saves us the trouble. Because- have you ever noticed that older people seem to have given up on being oh-so-mature? It's like they realized that all their life they were only attempting to be mature when to really live they had to let the kid out of themselves.


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