Thursday, February 14, 2013

Semi- launched!

          The first post! *does a dance* Okay, well, this is sort of a test post. You know, nobody's around yet, so it's just me. And I need to see what it looks, so I can make changes. And do I need to make changes! I kind of need to go to history class also. :P Later. Since this is the semi-launch of [insert title here], it must be commemorated in some way. Honestly I tried to find a photo to go with this post, but, no, the computer wants to be slow and I'm short on time. But- I do have a poem. Not a semi-launching sort of poem, but, hey, it something. What do you expect on such short notice? A full comedy routine?

                                                             I feel as if I am growing
                                                                     Not physically
                                                                   -But differently-
                                                                      And it hurts
                                                                    Not physically
                                                                  -But differently-

                                                         Because it's happening too fast

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