Monday, February 18, 2013

Character Update

          Every Monday I've decided to have a Character Update. I'm considering making it a link-up too. Uh, once I figure out how to do that. . . The Character Update is when I tell or show you where my protagonist is in my WIP. It's fun and supposed to motivate me to write more, because it wouldn't be great to come back next Monday and say, "Yeah, he's still hanging on the edge of that cliff I left him on last week. " :P

         Currently Oddball is in the Labyrinth Mountains. He and his postal traveler partner are trying to reach the kingdom of Vorb. Rocky, his partner, is unconscious from an infection. Oddball now has to get them both out of there alive when the only other person who has escaped the Labyrinth is now dead.

          Oddball tightened the ropes one last time for satisfaction. Rocky seemed well secured to the. . . branch sled. The guy's head rested on one of the packs where Oddball had tied all the thicker ends of the branches together. Rocky laid across the the branchier end. Oddball took a deep breath of cold air. It would have to do.
         He took hold of the rope and dug his heels into the snow. That was heavy. The thickening snow didn't help much either. But it moved, unlike that boulder in their stone prison.
         Oddball fixed his eyes north and pulled. At least Rocky had the sense to give out on level ground. 

If you want to read more about Oddball (I admit, that was a very boring excerpt :P), you can find more at the blog that I am co-author with some amazing writers at Just click on the label "Oddball."

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